Island in the City: A Memoir (2018) was published by the University of Nebraska Press, and can be ordered here.

Praise for Island in the City:

“In Island in the City Micah McCrary dares over and over again to articulate the consequences of race, place, and the perils of having a sensitive and very particular sentience. Daring nonfiction is never quite normal; it is always an island in a city of conventional thought. McCrary’s work gives the reader this refuge and this challenge.” —David Lazar, author of I’ll Be Your Mirror: Essays and Aphorisms

“In these searching essays Micah McCrary takes us from Normal—both the place and the idea—to Chicago and Prague as he reckons with race, sex, money, and what it means to be at home.” —Eula Biss, author of On Immunity: An Inoculation

“In the latest entry in the publisher’s American Lives series, McCrary writes of becoming aware of his black heritage early in life but also about the impression his skin color had on others in small-town Normal, Illinois, in the 1980s and ’90s. . . . A slim yet potent and intimately ruminative debut memoir on travel, maturity, and culture.” —Kirkus Reviews

“McCrary takes readers down his memory lane. Some memories are loving and others are haunting. But the entire journey is transformative each step of the way. He lets us in on his point of view of culture and takes readers along on his travels as we watch him come into his true self.” —Amber Ogden, Hippocampus Magazine

“Recently, the black male identity narrative has been covered assiduously and volubly by many black male authors, including Ta-Nehisi Coates, Kiese Laymon and Thomas Chatterton Williams. McCrary launches his musings and remembrances—some of them aching with pathos—to the fore impeccably, using meticulous, uncluttered prose to invite readers into his transformations.” —Jarrett Neal, Newcity