Co-authored Paper at JCWS

A paper co-authored with Zoë Bossiere, titled "(Re)Considering Craft and Centralizing Cultures: A Revision of the Introductory Creative Writing Workshop," now appears in Volume 7, Issue 1 of the Journal of Creative Writing Studies. I am both privileged and grateful to have been able to do this work with Zoë!

ITC #3

After too long, my newest In The Classroom post at Assay is now available to read as "Navigating a Pendulum: Normalizing Creative Writing Scholarship in the Classroom." I am so incredibly privileged and lucky to be able to do this work with students and other teachers, and happy to continue the hope of entwining creative … Continue reading ITC #3

New ITC Post at Assay

Today, Assay's In the Classroom Blog Series features my newest essay on pedagogy: "We're Going to Need More than Erasure: Normalizing Creative Writing Scholarship in the Classroom." This post is part 1 of 4 in a series, which will focus on inclusive creative writing pedagogies & curricula.

It’s Pub Day!

Though preorders have already shipped, today is the official publication date for Island in the City! Serious & sincere gratitude go out to University of Nebraska Press for their work and dedication to this material—and, of course, to all those who helped this writing find a form and a home. Thank you.